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Wednesday, May 31 

05.30.00 | 01:35 news
Touring Update - by Kyle and Katy 
There's a couple new tour dates in the tour section.  As well keep checking back for that announcement as mentioned.

Tuesday, May 30 

05.30.00 | 00:18 news
Possible big announcement - by Kyle and Katy 
I'd just like to note that you should all keep checking back in the next week or so for a possible huge announcement.  Keep your fingers crossed and keep checking back! :)

Saturday, May 20 

05.20.00 | 00:15 news
Hello Again! - by Kyle and Katy 
First and foremost, we would like to apologize for the lack of updates.  The reason we're doing so is because more or less, our goal as the current top Edwin fansite is to be constantly updating and giving you guys something new to check out, which we do generally, but avoid being like "other" generic fansites.  So you should start seeing some more updates, even when nothing in the Edwin camp is happening.  So basically for a present in return for you guys checking the site so frequent and enjoying our message forum, we have added a new realaudio track to the audio section, which is "Less Than Nothing" live from Edwin's first solo show.  This is an unreleased track, possibly to be included on the ASATS U.S. release, but we'll get back to you on that one.  Regardless there it is in its entirety.  We're sure you'll love it, and we will have some MP3's up there soon (of live material that is of course), just please be patient with us as we're limited by webspace, but something will surface soon!  That's all for now, keep checking back, as well as if you haven't already, check out the message forum.  Thanks everyone, later!

Thursday, May 11 

05.11.00 | 8:15 news
More Blah Blah... - by Kyle and Katy 
Guten Abend fellow Edwin fans!  There's a few tidbits of information we'd like to share with you, first being the fact that Edwin's "Alive" (as of last weekend) is standing at #16 on the MuchMoreMusic countdown!  Alive's also still going strong on the Muchmusic countdown, we'll find out what spot it climbed to tomorrow.  With the annual "New Music West" event happening in Vancouver, the "Georgia Straight Reader's Choice Music Award Show" happened last nite to open the festivities.   Edwin was up for "favourite national male" and the award was handed out last night in his honour.   Thirdly, Edwin, with nine other Canadian singers, was chosen to pose for the cover of the June edition of Chart to mark their 10th year anniverary.   Other artists joining him include Jeff Martin, Matt Good, Bif Naked, David Usher, Maestro, Trevor Hurst and others.   Finally, we added a few pictures from the Whistler show so be sure to check them out!   That's it for now, keep spinnin'!

Wednesday, May 3 

05.03.00 | 12:05 news
U.S. Edwin Info & Etc. - by Kyle and Katy 
Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates.  Apparently And You will be hitting U.S. airwaves next week and ASATS will be officially released June 30/00.  U.S. fans, your patience have paid off.  On another subject, we thought we'd let you people know this, because a lot of people have been asking.  Kyle is from Moncton, New Brunswick; and the wonderful Katy is from Vancouver, British Columbia.  So in essence, we're coast to coast Edwin action.  Everyone's always asking where we're from, most likely assuming we're from the same city but not so!  Anyway, thought we'd point that out.  As well we'll have some new audio, reviews and pics this week.  Lots to come, stay tuned and check out the message forum.  Later for now!

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