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Thursday, March 16 

03.16.00 | 4:40 news
And the new guy is... - by Kyle and Katy 
Well, the question that has been racking our minds for the past little while is, "Who's Edwin's new guitarist?"  All we know of him so far is his name, Ron Bechard.  Ron replaced Chris Szczesniak just recently for reasons unknown to us, which will be revealed in the next week or so.  Also, for Glueleg fans out there it seems as though Chowder, the irreproachable bassist, has joined J. Englishman's band, who happens to be Edwin's opening act on the Screaming Kings tour.  Lastly, to get you even more aroused for this Screaming Kings tour, the band's added a Dig tune to their setlist.  Let's just say your energy will be "lifted".  (Thanks Kara)

Monday, March 13 

03.11.00 | 1:57 news
Juno Update - by Kyle and Katy 
Well, if one would ask me how I liked the Juno awards this year, I'd simply reply, "Who did the judging"?  I wouldn't say that solely because of the fact that Edwin walked out Junoless.  For practically, most major Juno awards handed out, realistically who deserved to win, didn't. I won't use this as my opportunity to point out who should have won for what, but I'm sure that most agree with me there.  We did state that we would have the highlights in realvideo, but thats just it; there weren't any.  On a better note, expect some new audio this week!

Saturday, March 11 

03.11.00 | 17:49 news
Ain't it good to be alive, baby! - by Kyle and Katy 
Incase you haven't seen the Muchmusic Countdown this weekend, "Alive" debuted on the chart at #30. (the very day Much was allowed to play it) For snippets of info on the video and to see it online please visit Edwinonline.  Also, Edwin was up for an award at the Canadian Radio Awards coinciding with Canadian Music Week in Toronto.  As soon as we know the outcome, it will be posted.  Keep checking back.

Friday, March 10 

03.10.00 | 14:06 news
Tour Dates - by Kyle and Katy 
I would just to point out that there are a few more tour dates which have been announced which you can find in our tour section.  Some more Ontario dates have been released, which obviously indicates that he IS heading back out east after his western dates.  We'll keep you updated on any dates to come.  Also I'd like to point out not to miss the Junos as Edwin will be presenting a Juno, as well as nominated for two.  This Sunday, don't miss em, and if you do, we'll have the highlights of the show Edwin related obviously in real video.  And lastly, Alive debuted on Much Music yesterday which I missed out on, so keep a close lookout for it.  That's all for now, have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, March 8 

03.08.00 | 19:38 news
Audio Updates - by Kyle and Katy 
Hello everyone, we have a sweet deal of an audio update for you all to check out.  Just as we promised, Live Edwin material, with more coming in the next few days.  Keep checking back for more audio surprises! 

Saturday, March 4 

03.04.00 | 3:49 news
We're Alive! - by Kyle and Katy 
Hello all!  Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy working like 6 shifts a week last couple weeks and Katy's been busy between being sick and school, so again sorry for our lack of updating.  Before the new week, we should have some new audio up for yas, as well as possibly some more tour dates which will hopefully be soon revealed.  Until then, take care, and keep checking back. Thanks!

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