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Thursday, June 29 

06.29.00 | 02:07 news
Update - by Kyle and Katy 
Hello everyone.  Sorry for the delay of the mp3, it will be up in the next couple days, but really this time.  We have a few tiny site graphic changes as you may see, very beautiful we must admit.  We think you will all love the mp3, just check back in the next couple days.  Thanks everyone!

Friday, June 23 

06.23.00 | 00:07 news
Need your feedback - by Kyle and Katy 
Hey everyone.  We were going to put another mp3 up of a live Edwin tune from his cataloge of current and past projects, but we figured instead of putting something up that maybe people wouldn't be as interested in as we would, we are asking that you email us with what you'd like to have the mp3 as.  Any tune (practically) from any past or current projects performed live we should have.  As well we ask that you please email us with your request instead of posting it on the message forum.  It will make much more of a difference.  Hopefully we'll get enough feedback to have the mp3 up by the end of the weekend.  Thanks all and keep checking back.

Friday, June 16 

06.13.00 | 00:43 news
NEW Audio Update - by Kyle and Katy 
Hi everyone!  Sorry for taking down the mp3, we had a little misunderstading but its all fixed up.  The tune available in the audio section is entitled "Give It To Me" and it is an unreleased Edwin tune, which was performed LIVE at Edwin's first solo show ever.  Very interesting tune I suggest for you all to download it and send us feedback on it.  Thanks everyone and sorry for any inconvience!

Tuesday, June 13 

06.13.00 | 1:14 news
Audio Update - by Kyle and Katy 
Hello all.  Yet another quick update.  Check out the audio section soon for some live MP3's of Edwin tunes.  As well, we would like to thank you all, we are receiving an enormous amount of hits per day, so keep it up, and we'll keep the updates coming.  Tripod has given us an extra 50 Megs of webspace for free since the page is doing so well so, thanks again.  Rock!

Monday, June 12 

06.12.00 | 8:00 news
Additions, Additions, Additions... - by Kyle and Katy 
Finally the moment you've all been waiting for - MORE REVIEWS!  There's always still more to come and we'd like to thank Chelsea Rose for her lovely contributions!  Next project, the Fan picture section.  Got some pictures with the man or/and his band?  We're welcoming all your happy kodak moments and would like to add them to the compilation - don't be shy, send 'em in!  Lastly, anyone planning on attending the Molsen Indy Vancouver this year?  If so, be sure to check out Edwin's set, we'll post the time and location right here for your convenience!  Until next time, keep those emails going to Muchmusic, we all wanna see Ed @ number 1!  See Ya's!

Monday, June 5 

06.05.00 | 11:57 news
What you've all been not waiting for! - by Kyle and Katy 
I regret to inform you all that the possible huge announcement is history.  Basically what it regarded was that there was high speculation that Edwin would be performing this years Summersault festival.  Rumors were flying high at the time, as well a Regina radio station reported that he was confirmed on the bill.  We failed to confirm that with management but it's now confimed that he officially isn't playing it.  Sorry all about that.  On a lighter note, Edwin is now on the #2 spot on the Muchmusic Countdown.  Be sure to keep your requests flying into their inboxes.  Also expect a new mp3 of a rare tune up next week.  Thanks for checking, and later all!

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