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Monday, July 31 

07.31.00 |21:45 news
Big Updates - by Kyle 
Hello everyone!  Well, things are starting to seriously flow here at Edwin Alive, tons of new news for you, here goes.  First and foremost, our contest that we have been talking about, will be starting Wednesday.  It'll be in the form of a trivia, in which you would answer as best you can, and email us your answers along with your name, city, and the show you'd like to win tickets to on Edwin's upcoming Cross-Canada tour. (keep in mind there are still lots of dates TBA)  The people who score highest for each respective date they are entering to win tickets for, will then be awarded with two tickets to that show, which will include a meet and greet with Ed & the boys!  This basically means we will be giving away a pair of tickets (/w meet and greet) for EVERY Canadian date on Edwin's upcoming tour. (which will be posted in our tour section)  So I would like make you aware, even though you only may know a quarter of the trivia, enter anyway, because if you're the only person to enter to win tickets to a specific show, you would win as you would have the highest score!  So definetly make sure you don't miss out on this.  On top of all of that, new tour dates have been added to the tour section.  These are the only ones confirmed as of now.  Lots more to come, all the way across Canada, so keep checking back for those.  As well I'd lastly like to inform you all, that ASATS will in fact be released in the near future all across Europe, including Germany, Sweden, Greece, Netherlands, Belgium and many more.  That's all for now, make sure to enter the contest (as your city becomes confirmed), starting Wednesday.  As well it'll run until all shows have winners.  All of this, regards of Edwin Alive - Through The Void, and the Edwin Camp.  Thanks everyone, and have a great night!

Tuesday, July 25 

07.25.00 |20:13 news
Site Changes - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  We just wanted to inform you that Edwin Alive - Through The Void is now a one man show.  Katy will not be with us any longer therefore you can direct any emails to me solely.  We appriciated her work with us, and we wish her the best.  Although, fear not, we're now running the site hand in hand with the Edwin Camp, which means lots more great contests, rare audio, and great content, straight from the boys themselves.  Stay tuned for lots of cool stuff in the next week.  Thanks everyone and take care!

Thursday, July 20 

07.20.00 |23:47 news
Are you ready for this? - by Kyle and Katy  
Hello once again my fine friends!  Starting in the next few weeks, Edwin Alive will be working hand IN hand with the Edwin camp!  First and foremost, it is confirmed exclusively to Edwin Alive, that starting in the month of September, Ed and the boys will, once again embark on a cross country tour, this time ALL the way across the country. (Not part of it like last time) Arena's, Universities, Bar's, etc; the whole deal, coast to coast, starting in Vancouver.  That isn't the half of it, stay tuned daily to make sure you don't miss our contest we'll be having.  First contest, you could win 1 of 2 signed Chart Magazines featuring Edwin on the cover.  Second contest, yet again, EXCLUSIVELY from Edwin Alive (and this is no joke); Free Tickets to any show on Edwin's upcoming cross-canada tour, which will include a meet and greet with Ed and the boys!  Yes that's right folks, I'm as surprised as you are.  So make sure not to miss out, and check back daily for more details on the contest, once again, Exclusive to Edwin Alive - Through The Void!  Thanks everyone, and have a great day.

Wednesday, July 19 

07.19.00 |22:29 news
New Album Info - by Kyle and Katy  
Hello all!  Very happy to announce some exclusive news to Edwin Alive, straight from the voices of the Edwin camp.  Edwin, as we speak, is in L.A. writing material for his next album!  He is doing so with the likes of Glen Ballard (of Alanis Morisette, Jagged Little Pill fame), and Jack Blades (who co-wrote "And You" with Edwin).  He'll be back in Toronto next week.  As well, some more unannounced Western Canada tour dates are on the way, (yet again before East Coast & U.S. dates) we'll keep you posted on that one.  Also we have added a new review in the Reviews section, thanks Monique.  That's all for now, thanks everyone, and take care.

Tuesday, July 18 

07.18.00 |18:32 news
U.S. Release & Info - by Kyle and Katy  
Hello everyone.  Things are going well these days.  Seems as if the Edwin - ASATS Promo is all over the U.S. as of now.  Which most most likely means its starting to get airplay on the U.S. radio stations.  We'll keep you posted on that one.  The actual U.S. release itself is supposedly released, but backordered.  So hang in there, it definetly won't be long you beautiful U.S. fans get your hands on it.  The cover of the promo is phenominal and I highly suggest checking that out, as well as the back art.  Also in the next couple days we'll have possibly a new Edwin interview, and some pics from his Molson Blind Date perormance at Niagra College.  As well a couple reviews on the way in the next couple days, and some live mp3s.  I highly suggest checking back in the next while, lots of content on the way.  Thanks everyone and have a good week! 

* Special Thanks to Adam from the U.S., who provided us with this beautiful Edwin Promo artwork.  It's guys like Adam that enables sites like ours to exist.  Thanks again Adam. 

Saturday, July 15 

07.15.00 |16:41 news
Charts - by Kyle and Katy  
Hey everyone.  If you didn't know already, on the MuchMoreMusic Countdown, Alive has been #1 for the last couple weeks. They featured a cool pic on their site regarding his spot as reigning champ in which you can view here.  As well, Edwin is this month's featured artist on MuchMusic.  The feature includes a general bio on Edwin, as well there is a RealVideo clip of And You, as well as an Interview with the man himself.  We highly suggest checking it out, very cool.  That's all for now, expect a new live rare mp3 by next week, have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, July 12 

07.12.00 |22:55 news
Rush - by Kyle and Katy 
Hello all.  We're not sure if you happened to catch Rapidfax on Muchmusic yesterday (I believe), but if not you missed some behind the scenes footage of the upcoming video for "Rush" being shot this week.  The video takes place in a Jungle(y) environment, with lots of hot women, dancing around him.  Sounds like the ultimate rock video!  Can't wait to see what develops, we'll keep you posted.  Thanks all.

Sunday, July 9 

07.09.00 |15:41 news
ASATS U.S. Release - by Kyle and Katy 
Apparently quietly enough, Edwin - Another Spin Around The Sun, has been release in the U.S. as of July 4th, 2000 on Columbia Records.  It is available to buy on UBL and on Tower Records as of now.  I'm sure it won't be long before it's everywhere.  Here is a picture of the U.S. Cover of ASATS for your viewing pleasure.  Hopefully before long we'll have the back art posted, as well as possibly some of the art in the liner notes if there is anything different.  The track listing is most definetly the same as the Canadian release, although we're not sure whether "Another Drink" is on the release or not.  We'll keep you posted on that.  We highly suggest to go buy ASATS at UBL or at Tower Records NOW even if you have it already.  It will include the new artwork, and as well you'll be supporting Edwin's conquest in conquering the USA, as Canada already obviously digs him coast to coast.  So show your support and go and buy it, the art looks very interesting!  As well we'd like to note if you didn't already know, Edwin's next single will in fact be Rush and the video should be out in the next month or so.  Rock on.

Saturday, July 8 

07.08.00 |11:30 news
Country Camping Info. - by Kyle and Katy 
This was to have been mentioned long ago but here's some info on the Country Camping even taking place at the end of the month.   Edwin will be headlining on Saturday, July 29th and the cost is $45 for three days of, "Camping, partying, and music."   The location is Port Burwell, ON - on Lake Erie, and those interested can contact John at or visit this website.  PS, clothing is optional!

Thursday, July 6 

07.06.00 | 19:50 news
Articles, etc… - by Kyle and Katy 
Greetings everyone!  Hopefully some of you were lucky enough to attend the online Edwin chat that occurred today on  As far as we're aware, the popularity of the chat shut Canoe's server down about half-an-hour after it started, but there is a transcript available here.   Recent updates include several articles about Edwin for your reading pleasure and more reviews (thanks Katie!).   If you have any other articles that you are fond of and think they should appear on here, drop us a line & let us know!   Also, the fan picture page is coming along but we need more photo's, so keep em' coming in!   Credit will be given where needed!   Still Spinnin'…

Tuesday, July 4 

07.04.00 | 17:49 news
The infamous MP3 - by Kyle and Katy 
We would like to advise you all to visit the audio section as the MP3 as we promised is up, Live, and Acoustic we may add for safety's sake.  Give us feedback on it, and we hope you like it.  As well, we thought we'd mention that Kyle will be going to Boston, MA for the next few days to see Sunny Day Real Estate perform.  We would definetly urge you to check them out as well.  And as for new news, Edwin will be doing an online chat on Jam!Music, July 6th, at 4pm ET time.  Be there.  Thanks and keep checking back!

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