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Thursday, April 27 

04.27.00 | 12:43 news
Tour Update - by Kyle and Katy 
Directly after the cancellation of the Screaming Kings "Eastern" Tour, Edwin has some new tour dates in some miscellanious cities instead as apposed to a whole section of Canada.  So check that out, as well as a U.S. tour date.  Ooooh, ahhhh.  That's all for now, email us and tell us what you want on the site for audio!  C'mon, I know some of you there keep checking the audio section and you wanna hear a certain tune performed by edwin, email us.  Enough of me, later all.

Tuesday, April 25 

04.25.00 | 7:00 news
Eastern Tour Cancelled - by Kyle and Katy 
We're sorry to announce that the recently "planned" Moncton, NB date has been cancelled for now and the Eastern tour plans will not commence until September.  Sorry for the bad news, we'll keep you posted on any new information.

Wednesday, April 19 

04.19.00 | 11:48 news
Message Forum & Pictures - by Kyle and Katy 
Over the last couple of days we added a message forum and pictures from soundcheck @ the Whistler show.  There are live ones to come as well as reviews and that sort of thing.  Please take the time to check them out and leave some feedback on what you think! - Thanks!

Saturday, April 15 

04.15.00 | 19:32 news
Audio Update - by Kyle and Katy 
Sorry for the lack of updates lately as we've been quite busy.  There is a lot of new live tunes in the audio section that I'm sure you'd be interested to check out.  If there is any Edwin song live you'd like to have put up in the audio section, email us and we'll do it up.  Katy's at the Whistler show right now, so expect more pics, updates and goodies as usual.  That's all for now, take care, and make sure to check out the 'other' site I run, the Official Monoxides Homepage, yet another rawking Canadian band.  Well thats my plug for the day, later all!

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