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July 4th, 2002

Greetings friends.  Please accept my sincere apologies for the lack in updates.  Besides touring things have been quite slow, and content is also coming at a very slow rate.  Ron will be giving me a hand in the overhaul of this site, and hopefully it should keep you all interested and checking back.  There is a really great message board over at the official site, if you haven't checked it out I would urge you to do so, great place, as well as some sparatic messages from band members. 

In Edwin news, all that has really happened to report as of late, is an incident which took place at the Fort Erie Friendship Festival just two days ago.  Apparently some punk fan hit Edwin in the face with a rock from the crowd while he was onstage, which caused the band to cancel the remainder of their set.  Edwin is absolutely fine other than some stitches.  The punk was caught, suffered a little beating thanks to a certain E&TP band member with the help of ol' GV, and is apparently imprisioned at the moment.  With today's justice, I would estimate the incident would be completely written off, but who knows?  Also apparently there was some more madness with a couple loose Tazmanian Devils running around the place which ended up being recaptured I believe. 

Other than that, E&TP have been touring the Festival scene, making their mark with old and new faces.  Stay tuned for more tour dates.

May 8th, 2002

New tour dates have been announced, in which you can check the tour section for those.  Speculation is that more tour dates will be filled into the empty spots when they are confirmed.  Aside from that, hope you all had a chance to catch Edwin & The Pressure on Mike Bullard the other night, I should have an mp3 of the performance on here shortly!  In the meantime, you can check out this great interview with Umbrella Music here.

April 2nd, 2002

I imagine you all have picked up "Edwin & The Pressure", which was most obviously released nation-wide today.  Very well worth the wait, great record.  This site should soon be redesigned, as well as a possible move to  Plenty of touring and content updates should be vast in the next while. 

Edwin & The Pressure will be playing May 8th in Vancouver, BC at GM Place also featuring Sloan + Goldfinger to name a couple bands.  You can buy your tickets via ticketmaster now for a low price of $29.93 (for that many bands is a steal).  More to come shortly.

March 12th, 2002

The first tour date in a long time has been announced.  Edwin + The Pressure will be playing a show being promoted by The Edge 102.3 in Toronto, ON at the Air Canada Centre on April 16th, 2002.  On the bill performances on the main stage are as follows, first to last: The Headstones, Edwin + The Pressure, David Usher, Sloan and The Tea Party. 

Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster as of this Saturday March 16th, a mere month in advance. 

March 5th, 2002

The new website for Edwin + The Pressure has come into existence in which you can view here.  Also you can listen to a realaudio clip of Superhoney here.

February 12, 2002

Edwin & The Pressure.  Yes, this is the name of the new Edwin project.  As apposed to this new record due April 2nd being his new "solo" album, this is now a band.  In addition to Edwin, Ron and Kenny, drummer Sekou Lumumba of Kardinal Offishal and guitarist Mike K of Nelly Furtado will join up to form this permanent band. 

The new single is still "Superhoney" and and tracklist is as follows :

01. Superhoney
02. The One That Got Away
03. Impossible
04. High
05. Firecracker
06. Malibu Sunset
07. Painkiller
08. Let's Dance
09. Surround Me
10. Split The Atom Close Your Eyes

Check back here for the latest on the record and tour.

November 30, 2001

The new record is nearing completion as per Sony Canada, look for a release date in mid-May. As aforementioned, Edwin had been previously demoing new material in Sony Studios. We've been waiting for word as to which studio he would enter to record the album, and in turn ended up choosing to stay put in the same studio as apposed to relocating. No producer has been named as of yet, nor have musicians involved in the recording process. As far as I know, Ron and Kenny have been involved with other projects during the recording of the album, although only confirmation from them will tell how much of a role they played.  No indication has been made of Edwin playing any instruments on the record, in time more will unfold on that.

Reportedly, the first single is entitled "Superhoney". Other song names include : High, Malibu, Painkiller, Impossible, Firecracker, and Split The Atom. Also as aforementioned, an insane amount of demos were completed and may be used for future releases. The new record, again mentioned appx. a year ago, is in a much heavier vain and less poppy. (Not to say the last record was, but moreso then)

Sit tight and stay tuned, it's all downhill from here.

October 20, 2001 (updated)

As of late, Ron has worked on a new project of sorts. The band is called "Chemical Vacation" and the CD is called "Fungi From Yogoth". The CD is in the Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) "Desert Sessions" type style, as the recording consists of many different killer musicians collaborating on one recording.

Some involved include: Chris, Travis and Eric of Sea of Green , Daniel from this amazing band from Sweden called Mammoth Volume , Ken from "Sons of Otis" and many others. That project should be mixed and edited in early 2002.

That's all to report in Edwin related news, the next post will come when there is something to update, which means it could be in a week, or 3 months.

August 28th, 2001 (updated)

Director Alex Boothby of the video "Rush" is up for a MuchMusic Video Award. Also the video is up for Best Post-Production and Best Cinematography. Check them out if you like, Sunday, September 23rd on MuchMusic and catch Edwin presenting an award.

August 5th, 2001

Word is Edwin is currently on a hiatus. He is, as some of you may not be fully aware, working on an movie among juggling several other things. As far as I know there is nothing officially recorded for the new album as of yet. Lots of demoing has taken place and I'm sure at this point certain songs have been chosen to be put on the next album, while others would be up in the air. In the next couple days I hope to have some official word for you all, so check back as desired.

webmaster note: Those of you at all interested in the Canadian rock music scene, Ron and I would suggest checking out this band Sea of Green from Toronto, ON. They just came through town and are a killer band on the verge of taking over. Finally, some more quality music in Canada.

July 3rd, 2001

Apparently the NXNE festival (as you may already be well aware) went very well. Edwin ended up performing "One" by U2 as well as "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix. A bootleg has not yet surfaced, as soon as one does mp3's will be posted I'm sure. If anyone has one, feel free to email me regarding for a nice reward perhaps. Check the pics section some pics and the review section for a review of/from the NXNE show, much thanks to Diane Boyle. And finally, expect a revamped audio section sometime soon, maybe some news as to the processing of the new album, and some older pics from the Screaming Kings 2000/2001 tour that I thought I posted but am just very tardy getting to. Thanks to all who emailed me with reviews and pics from past shows, all will surface on the site soon for everyone's viewing pleasure. As stated previously, due to lack of news the site has been updated sparatically, but rest assured soon enough you'll be tired of hearing what's new. Until then.

May 31th, 2001

Things are becoming more clear as far as how this NXNE White Ribbon benefit will unfold. The event is still taking place June 5, 2001, and tickets can be purchased through the White Ribbon Website until June 3rd for $20 in advance, after that its $25 at the door and availability is obviously limited. There are VIP tickets you can buy (must be 19+) for the show. They're $75 and you're able to meet the performers and such. So it's looking like those of you who want to go but think you'll meet the performers with a regular ticket, rest assured, security will be at its best so have fun. Also as far as the performers go, for what I'm reading it's looking like there's this band called "The Dexters", who apparently are one of the best cover bands around. Different vocalists are going to perform a song or two each, and maybe even some sort of ending tune where all the performers are out. It's rumored Edwin will be performing a David Bowie song of some sort. Whether it's "I'm Afraid of Americans" of not, we'll have to wait and see. Go there and bootleg the show and send me a copy . Maybe you'll get some neat Edwin things in the mail, who knows?!

May 25th, 2001 (updated)

Sorry again for the lack of updates, more interesting things are to come in the near future. As for now, Edwin will be performing with some sort of a super group formed by Jeff Martin featuring Edwin on vocals at this years North By Northeast Music Festival & Industry Conference (NXNE) June 5, 2001 - Toronto, ON. Check out a promo poster for the show here . If someone could attend and bootleg the show that would be killer. I take it they'll be doing cover songs so it would be really cool stuff to post up here on the site. Also very well known Edwin bassist Kenny Cunningham is currently playing bass in the Canadian Punk/Rock band Broomfiller . Stay tuned for more updates.

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