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Sunday, February 20 

02.20.00 | 13:19 news
More Updates - by Kyle and Katy 
More audio and pic updates have been made.  We have the audio section altogether back up and running which you might have noticed.  Keep checking back for more audio, reviews, and other updates in the next few days.

Saturday, February 19 

02.19.00 | 14:52 news
Check out this update - by Kyle and Katy  Edwinonline News
Hello again! I just wanted to point out that if you all haven't already you should check out the latest news post on Edwinonline (the exact link is above) as there is an official tour dates post and also a paragraph on what chart thought Edwin meant to Canadian music or something or other, check it out right quick.  They are also stating that the "Screaming Kings" Tour has more dates to be announed in Canada, thus what their management told me.  Anyway, just thought I'd get you all to check out that news tidbit. Thanks and keep checking back for big AUDIO updates! 

Wednesday, February 16 

02.16.00 | 1:12 news
More Tour Dates! - by Kyle and Katy 
I suggest everyone check out the tour dates, as lots more have been officially announced.  I spoke with Edwin's management and US tour dates are on the way following the western canada dates.  They mentioned after a few US tour dates they'll be doing at least 6 dates in Eastern Canada, which is good news for us Eastern people!  Keep checking back for more updates! 

Thursday, February 17 

02.07.00 | 16:03 news
guestbook - by Kyle and Katy 
Today we welcomed the addition of a guestbook to the site so that we can hear from you. Feel free to post suggestions, comments, and most importantly things about Edwin & the guys!

Sunday, February 6 

02.06.00 | 16:03 news
ASATS Current Standings! - by Kyle and Katy 
The video for "And You" climbed to the spot of 22 this week on the Muchmusic Countdown, after debuting on it only two weeks ago. Also, "Another Spin" has continued to linger on Canadian Radio charts for over 9 months - it's currently standing at #12.

Friday, February 4 

02.04.00 | 11:43 news
Juno's Nominations! - by Kyle and Katy   The Juno Awards
It has just been announced that Edwin has been nominated for 2 Junos, Best Male Artist and Best Rock Album.  Watch the 29th annual Juno Award ceremony Sunday, March 12, 2000 at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBC.  This is a quote from Edwin in a recent Canadian Press newswire article: 
"I think the competition's pretty fierce," said the Toronto-based Edwin.  "I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me feel good inside.  But basically there is no best, there really isn't.  It's good to promote Canadian music, generally we need that shot in the arm.  It's easy to get infiltrated by other markets or other countries.  Canadians need to know what's Canadian." 
Way to go Edwin, we know who's going home with those Junos! 

Tuesday, February 1 

01.09.00 | 16:03 news
New Video Filmed - by Kyle and Katy
The video for Alive was just recently shot in the Florida keys.  Apparently the video revolves around living life to the fullest, which includes Edwin partaking in a bunch of extreme sports and such. Sounds like it should be an extremely interesting video, and very different from the rest of the videos thus far.  It should be hitting Muchmusic shortly so keep your eyes peeled for it, should be well worth it!

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