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* I suggest for everyone to read all of this, especially the bottom of the screen.

Welcome everyone, and thank you for having entered the Edwin Screaming Kings Tour 2000 Trivia for your chance to win two tickets to Edwin's show in your city on his upcoming Canadian tour.  Unfortunely the trivia wasn't applicable to the Toronto area applicants.  I had no idea until a few days ago.  Sorry for any inconvience.  Regardless here's what a lot of you have been waiting for.

* Note : The answers in YELLOW obviously the correct answers.  Some questions had more than one correct answer

Edwin Alive - Through The Void Screaming Kings 2000 Trivia Answers

1. Who played bass on the track "The Big Dance" on Victor?
     A) Les Claypool   B) Franz Masini   C)Geddy Lee   D)Bruce Gordon

2. How many videos did Victor do?
     A) 1   B) 2   C) 3   D) 4

3. How many Victor shows were there?
     A) 1   B) 5   C) 10   D) 50

4. Jack Blades, co-writer for "And You", played with which band?
     A) Blue Cheer  B) Night Ranger   C) The Stooges   D) Ted Nugent

5. On IME's song, "Like A Girl", besides Jag Tanna, who performed guitars on that song?
     A) Jeff Martin   B) Carlos Santana   C) Edwin   D) Alex Lifeson

6. How many times did I Mother Earth cover "Promise"?
     A) 1   B) 2   C) 10   D) 17

7. Which song has Edwin (during his solo career) covered live?
     A) I Only Live Tommorow   B) Evil Ways   C) Purple Haze   D) Exit

8. Who played bass on I Mother Earth's Dig?
     A) Franz Masini   B) Bruce Gordon   C) Jagori Tanna   D) A Session Bassist

9. Which bands CD has Edwin guest appeared on?
     A) DDT   B) Tea Party   C) J. Englishman   D) Rush

10. Who performed selected drum tracks on Another Spin Around The Sun?
     A) Christian Tanna   B) Edwin   C) Matt Dematteo   D) Blake Manning

11. Which song on Another Spin Around The Sun, was entirely written by Edwin?
     A) Theories  B) Better Than This   C) Another Drink   D) Amazing

12. Which song did Edwin NOT perform on?
     A) Love From Revolution  B) Infinity Machine   C) Don't Care   D) Wrong

13. At which type of venue was Edwin's first solo show performed at?
     A) A High School   B) A Club   C) An Arena   D) A Theatre

14. In which month of 1999 was Another Spin Around The Sun released in Canada?
     A) March  B) April   C) May   D) August

15. Who did NOT co-write a song on Another Spin Around The Sun?
     A) Matt Dematteo   B) Ben Dunk   C) Ruben Huizenga   D) Blake Manning

* For your CHANCE to win an autographed Chart Magazine by Edwin (and some other cool stuff), answer this as quick as possible and email your answer to NOW!

BONUS QUESTION : How many videos has Edwin appeared in?

The winner will be posted in the news section in the next two weeks, email me your answer quick!

Thanks everyone for your participation, and we hope to have something like this again in the near future.  The winners can Email me your review of the show and I'll post them at a later date.  Thanks everyone, take care!