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                         -Teen Tribute '99   page 46

By: Karen Bliss

    Edwin's solo debut, Another Spin Around the Sun, ends with a burp. Really. Hidden at the end of the former I Mother Earth  vocalist's trippy, astro-sonic rock album is a track that's truly out-there. "Another Drink" is a retro-schmaltzy lounge song, which begins with the pouring of a cocktail, "Cheers!" and the clink of glasses. A hilarious pseudo-suave Edwin puntuates the lyrics with rolling r's and a Latin-lover-accented request for "Tequila... No, two tequila."

    The song was found in producer Matt DeMatteo's vaults. And initially, Edwin was reluctant to record the song. But after completing 11 proper tracks for Another Spin Around the Sun, he told DeMatteo he'd give it a shot, and if he liked the result, he would include it on the album as a hidden track.

    "We laughed so hard recording that song," says Edwin. It was so much fun to do. It's anything but serious and we both could relate to the song because of instances in our lives. So to us it had a certain meaning. And I thought, it's probably not something I want to put in the tracking because people might take it like I'm trying to be serious.

    "Another fear was, 'What if it's the biggest song on the record?'" he laughs.