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Edwin @ St. Lawerence College 
Cornwall, ON 
Sept. 24th, 1999
     This review is just a tad late but hey better late than never...Taking you back to September 24/99 Cornwall ON...So we (my sister, brother and I) got to the school where the show was and man did we ever look out of place. Everyone was in their own little groups and then the three of us walk in alone, we got looks from everyone!

     There was two opening bands that I have no idea who they were, the bar was pretty empty so we waited outside in the lounge area then when it was Edwin's turn to go on we went over and the place was jam packed! It was so tight that you could barely move, people were trying to get infront of me so I had no choice but to sort of tap one girl, ok fine I shoved her out of my way. Then all of a sudden the security guy took my hand and brought me to where he was standing, needles to say I had an amazing view :)

     The show was amazing as always the crowed was into the songs, girls were grabbing at Edwin legs and screaming out to him more than I had ever seen before. If I remember correctly the songs played are as follows: And You, Rush, Hang Ten, Shotgun, Theories, everyone joined in on Trippin', Alive was sung towards the end they played One More Astronaut and I believe the last song was what Edwin had descibed as being a song about scizophrenia, Less Than Nothing.

     After the show was done people were talking about how great the show etc etc, I think he definately left a mark over there...I saw Kenny and chatted with him for a bit then security for the second time being nice to me, which is totally odd, let us and a few others backstage. None of the band members were there, Edwin was signing some things for the last few fans. We talked for a bit and made our way back home. It was an incredible night, next time you're back in Cornwall I'm so there.  -Chelsea Rose