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NXNE White Ribbon Benefit
June 5, 2001 - Toronto, ON
*  © D. Leis

The White Ribbon Concert was fantastic!  Edwin did "One" by U2 - which was amazing, and also did "Foxy Lady" by Hendrix - also phenominal!  The crowd was very into him, I'm sure he's beaming about it!  On the downside, for those of us who bought VIP tix - he didn't show up in the VIP lounge the entire night!  We left at 2am and he still hadn't shown.  By that time, those that were in attendance (The Tea Party, Todd Kerns, Jim Cuddy, David Usher) were already gone.  The musicians were very good about talking with fans, etc.

Also, Gordie Johnson of Big Sugar gave a great performance as did Todd Kerns! His show was probably the (second) best (haha). He did a mixed AC/DC and Led Zeppelin cover and then did some Bowie.  I was really hoping to see Edwin do Bowie, but I must say his U2 cover was hypnotizing!

Oh! I went to the concert determined to bring you some bootlegs, but the guilty look on my face in line must have given it away, because I had to "surrender" my recording device.  On a positive note - I don't know how they got away with it, but quite a few people were taking pics and I did see 3 people around me recording the songs!  Good luck in tracking them down!

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