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The Tea Party w/ Edwin 
PNE Forum - Vancouver, BC 
Tuesday Nov.9th, 1999
    After about literally 45 minutes of sleep, Meg and I woke up at 5 to catch a cab and get to the ferry terminal. So many ferry trips were cancelled that day because of the weather and so we were pretty worried, but got on one. I figure I got home at about 1 or so, had a shower, and took off downtown for the show in Vancouver. It was raining, like usual, but my car held out for the trip (shocking). 

    The first person I saw there was GV on his cell phone, and then Kenny came out to talk for awhile too. Ruben bought a new discman downtown and came to show it off, Christian was in and out of the building, while Chris and Edwin were no where to be seen. Later on in the day Edwin came to the venue and let Taryn, her friend and I into the soundcheck which was really short, but cool. Later on in the evening Lisa showed up thankfully, seeing as the ferry problems could have stopped her. We all got seats in the stands and waited for the show to start. I ran into so many people I knew that night it wasn't even funny... 

    So everything was all good and the set started the same as the night before - with "And You". The Vancouver crowd was way more hyped and showed it well. I trecked into the moshpit to watch the set and got hurt (like usual) while doing so, but hey - it was worth it! The set was a little bit different this time, he played "Alive" and commented how "some-one in Van always asks me to play this!" Lisa was so pleased with the selection :). Also, right near the end, he said something about never forgetting your past, that's when I knew to go back into the moshpit. The band started the beginning chords to "One More Astronaut" and I went nuts. That's about the only way I can explain it since I had been dying to hear him sing it again. He ended with "Less Than Nothing" just like the Vic. show, but somehow this one was just better.  

Thanx to GV, Edwin and the guys once again. (& to Kyle  - you know why :)