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The Tea Party w/ Edwin 
Royal Theater - Victoria, BC 
Monday Nov. 8th, 1999
    The first show on the tour. Meg and I took cars, Skytrains, ferries and buses to get to this one... 

    I left the house at 8am for New Westminster and got on a skytrain downtown to get some batteries and other necessities, back-tracked to "Broadway" Stn. and then took a bus to UBC. Meg met me at the bus loop and we drove to the ferry terminal to catch the ferry (which was an hour + 45 mins ride), and then finally we got on a bus to the theater after the entire day of travelling. It was now almost 6pm as we waited at the backdoor. Edwin and GV came out and the band followed shortly after, so we just stood around outside and chatted... Kenny got mugged in Ottawa? How come I remember this... 

    About half an hour before the show, Lisa and her friend showed up as people were piling into the theater. They were all dressed up, seeing as what the venue was and all! Edwin and the guys opened with "And You", which was started by Edwin yelling to get everyone out of their seats - "It's a rock concert!" The entire theater stood up and sang along (or at least I did...=) They played a really short but ever sastifying set. One thing we were proud of, though, was the maturity of the crowd, I think I counted only 4 pre-pubescent screaming girls in the audience - way better than usual! So basically it rawked even though it was cut short from Ed talking too much =). Again, they got everyone going with the usuals - (trippin', etc...) and they also played "Less Than Nothing" again... the more I hear the song the more I love it. 

    The Tea Party also put on a tremendous performance, as they usually do. We all met them after the show for the first time, and they seemed like pretty cool guys. As the night went on, it turned more and more cold but we were having too good of a time and missed the last bus to UVIC. After a couple more hours we caught a cab to Lisa's dorm and fell asleep... much needed sleep...sleep.     - Katy. 

Thanx to GV & the guys (BC Transit, too)