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Screaming Kings Tour '2000 w/j.englishman 
Area 51 Nightclub - Chilliwack, BC 
Wednesday March 29th, 2000
     Even though we couldn't attend the show that evening, the soundcheck deserves a review. (Though I'll try and get one of the show for ya from someone else). The reason I couldn't go was because I was started to move that night and it just conflicted with everything so I just thought, "Hey, I'll sneak the soundcheck into my timetable and everything will be great!"

          It was really sunny in the Lower Mainland. Funny, Vancouver and Chilliwack are basically the same distance from where I live, only their in the opposite direction from each other, which is kind-of cool! We heard Ed's interview on "X-fm" on the way to Area 51 and heard "Alive" on the radio for the first time! Once we got to Chilliwack we had no clue where we were going and pulled into some gas station where some nice lady told us how to get to the club. From then on, we were okay and made it in one piece.

     We (again, Jean and I) arrived early for soundcheck so we hung out in the background of the club as the guys were all watching the hockey game on a small tv. We soon realized we were the only chicks there, but hey, it's all good =). The lazer operator was displayed messages on the backdrop like the one that read, "Give it up- the Canucks suck!!!… but it's still better than being a Leaf's fan!" Now I'm one for home-town pride and all that, but seriously. Outside, members of J's band were playing hacky-sack and Ron, Kenny, Ruben and Chris were still waiting for Edwin to show up for soundcheck. He finally did, said his "hello's" and they started. I got the clearance to take pictures and headed to the balcony to start. The first song I believe was "Theories" and Edwin, instead of singing, scatted the beginning. That was interesting…

     The rest of the check was relatively long and the band worked on many songs. The set up was different, Ron and Kenny were on the right side when they're usually on the left, and Ruben was vice-versa. (They couldn't fit the guitar equiptment on the one side). Nearer to the end they practised "Less Than Nothing" which ended the check. That's becoming one of my favourites live. We hung around to chat w/ various people after and took in J's soundcheck as well and got to know the new guy a little better. That's about it, but it was still a great day!


Thanks 2 Ron, GV, Ed & everyone else ;)