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Screaming Kings Tour '2000 w/j.englishman 
Centennial Building - Nanaimo, BC 
Sunday March 26th, 2000
     Here's the first thing we thought as we approached the venue - "They're playing HERE?" 'Here' turned out to be a really old building, more like a barn in the middle of Beban Park in Nanaimo. Seeing as it was basically in the middle of no-where, a kind cab-driver offered to take Jean and I there for five bucks, what a deal. There was some sort of dog-show going on outside for awhile and so we entertained ourselves watching that seeing as EVERYTHING was closed. Maybe it's not that strange, but in Vancouver almost everything's open on Sundays, oh well.

------ Ucuelet is the greatest word I have ever said in my life, I swear…. (much needed quote!)

    Both bands (Ed & J's) were late coming from Ucuelet [you-q-let] where they played an acoustic set at the Root's Lodge (which I hear was fabulous) the night before, and rushed to do their soundchecks in preparation for the show. Fans were already lining up for the afternoon set which was to start at about 2:30 and the opening act, (if anyone was there and remembers their name, please email us!) went on around that time. They were okay, but we conserved our energy for the "better" part of the show. Actually, Jean noticed that the members of the opening group were a little too cocky for their own good :(.

     After what seemed to be an over-extended amount of time, J. Englishman and his band took the stage and tried to win over the crowd of people ranging from 9 to about 49. People didn't really seem to be into the show at first, they just kind-of stared at J until he did something to involve them. When the band started to play "More", however, the crowd recognized the song and some sang along. From that point on the response was a bit more positive and J left some-sort of a mark on Nanaimo.

     Finally, "Edwin" is led onto the stage and takes the crowd with them. Screams from varous directions are let loose and "Theories" is filling the barn with a sound it's never heard. A strong performance, definitely, pieces of the building's ceiling were falling on everyone's heads! The second song, "Take Me Anywhere," was one of the best executed songs that day and the show kept up to that callabre until the end. They played the usuals from the album, just like the other shows, and Edwin got everyone singing along to songs like "Trippin'" and "Hang Ten". By the middle of the set, bra's were a-flingin' and the whole crowd, even the bitchy chicks behind us, were really into the whole thing. During "Levitate", a mosh-pit was right-fully started by yours-truly and her best friend, (and it was about time, too!). It was kept up during the encore, "Shotgun" and I believe that "Magic Carpet Ride" was the most effective way to end the show, it made everyone wanting more.

     Edwin, Ron and Kenny signed some autographs after the show, you'd swear it was a press-conference when Edwin walked out of the tour bus, however, with cameras fanatically going off… (mine not being one of them…:) Great day in a town that doesn't usually get graced by most rock-acts. Thanks!

I'd like to thank Cindy @ the Info Center in Nanaimo, you saved our asses! Also, the cab driver who listened to Rock 101, GV - as always, and the guys for a great afternoon!