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Screaming Kings Tour '2000 w/j.englishman 
Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC 
Friday March 24th, 2000
     Usually when you hear angelic voices you're either dying or tripping out, However, this time they were marking something truly ethereal. Four shadows had now appeared on the stage mixed with smoke and purple lighting and "Theories" was beginning to open the show. Edwin joined the rest on the stage and gave everyone a taste of what he knew best, performing.

     Watching the soundcheck that day, I was trying to pick up what the whole tour was about. There had to be something spectacular being Ed's first headlining one and all. The music sounded great, which was mainly what I had expected, but to say that was the only part that brought the show together is an understatement. These guys really work well together. Forget the comments of "pop" rolling around, - this was going to be a ROCK concert... the way it should be.

     "I love Vancouver… you've got beautiful scenery, a great hockey team (k-very funny), and the world's best pot!!!" (Now how many times have I heard that?)

     The above paragraph is one of the only things I remember about the first two songs. I watched the set commence but then got to work taking pictures for you guys. There was chaos in the media-pit, people were almost hitting each other with their cameras! After "Take Me Anywhere" I got the hell out and left the animals to go at it. It was then that I noticed the impressive lazer show going on in the background. I thought it was a really cool touch to the show.

     The band played everything off of ASATS except for "Amazing". I was pretty happy to hear "Better Than This", being one of my faves off the record. It slowed things down a bit until Edwin introduced song number 5 - "One More Astronaut" which everyone dug and sang along to. J even came out to watch with some friends and I. They also showcased a rare track, "Give it", which we have the studio version of. We might put it up in the future, if you're good! By the middle of the set, the place was psychotic and the floor was absolutely packed. Now, the Commodore has a bouncy ballroom floor, living up to it's name, and everyone was taking full advantage of this. It's fun to watch that thing go up and down, ok so senseless things amuse me!

     Definitely one of my best liked additions to the show was the intro to "Hang Ten" that's a new spinoff of the song and just extends it (making it the extended version, haw haw). A rather freaky addition was the movie samples they had playing between some songs… I recognized a few, still thought it was weird. Unfortunately during "Alive" (of all songs), a man got seriously injured from crowd surfing and they tried to recesitate him right infront of me and a small crowd that formed, I hope he's alright, still don't know the outcome.

     On a better note however, my impression of Levitate was similar to Kara's. It was one of the highlights of the evening and brought back many memories. I was amazed at how many old IME fans were in the audience and knew all the words! Shortly after, the band left the stage and as the crowd chanted out Edwin's name, there were lazers on the backdrop spelling out the letter's and then turning into the "E" sunburst. Quite Impressive. The guys came back out for an encore and Edwin asked the already tainted crowd if they wanted "Another Drink" and mentioned how it was a "tongue and cheek song" that he wrote with his producer. Right after, he asked if everyone wanted to go on a "Magic Carpet Ride" and took us all on one as they played the classic by Steppenwolf, to end the encore. He said goodnight once again and the band left for backstage. The crowd, however, wasn't about to let them leave and asked for a second encore, which the band agreed to by Edwin saying, "You're never going to let me leave, are you?" "Shotgun" ended the fantastic evening at the Commodore and left many people energetic for the 80's music they had playing over the speakers for some time after. (ha).

     Anyways, I waited around for some key people I needed to talk to and left shortly after for home. As I was just driving out of Vancouver, actually, "One More Astronaut" came on the radio and I had to crank it, drawing attention to my car and several other fans that were at the show to do the same! Ahhh… what a great night.

Ps- the new guy, Ron, is really nice :)  

Special thanks to "Edwin"(the band) and crew! You guys rule!