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EDWIN w/J.Englishman 
"The Outpost" - Thunderbay, ON 
Wednesday March 15th, '00
I got to the bar and J. Englishman's soundcheck was running late so they didnt let us in till half an hour after they were supposed to which got us pissed off. I saw Grant and knowing I'm a huge Joydrop fan, he gave me one of their stickers and an Edwin sticker. I talked to him for a bit and then waited for the show to start. They were fucking playing country songs before J. Englishman came on. Nice way to get the crowd going. So finally J. Englishman came on and he was okay, not bad. Edwin came out and started with "Theories". I was going crazy in the pit and it was pretty awesome. They played most of the stuff from the cd, and a couple of unreleased songs, "Less than Nothing" and "Give it to Me". Edwin talked about his 'old band' and they started playing "Levitate'!! I went fucking nuts when he screamed, "Feel heavvvyyyy!!!" That was the highlight of the show. Then they went off the stage and came back for an encore. Edwin teased by saying "Ready for one more? How about 2? How about 15!" and then he started talking about how they put a song at the end of the cd as a joke and they started to play "Another Drink". They ended the night with a cover of Steppenwolf's, "Magic Carpet Ride." It was a fucking good show.   - Kara Louttit