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Screaming Kings Tour '2000  
Strait's - Bell's Corner's, ON 
Thursday June 1st, 2000
     First off I almost didn't make it to the show but fate worked my way and I got there in perfect timing. So what can I say about this show that I haven't already said...It was very energetic, the crowd was totally into the music and singing along. They played all the songs off Another Spin Around The Sun, except Shotgun and Amazing, but we got Another Drink, Give It To Me and a cover of Magic Carpet Ride. A group of guys kept yelling out for Raspberry, but OMA & Levitate was played which in my opinion is the better choice. At one point Edwin was over to where I was standing and this one fan behind me had her hand out to touch him so he held her hand and sang to her then before letting her go he gave her a hug, I think she just about melted but it was really cool to see how happy he made her...BTW Alive is #2 on the countdown, hopefully it'll hit the #1 spot this week, best of luck babe!! -Chelsea Rose :)