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Edgefest 1999 
UBC Thunderbird Stadium - Vancouver, BC 
Wednesday July 14th, '99
    Well, being from the suberbs and all, UBC isn't exactly one of my favourite places to drive to, but we made it alright (with our big "edgefest or bust!" sign in the window). Bree, Jenn and I met Taryn in the parking lot and took off backstage as the sound checks were being completed. Taryn and I met up with G.V. and Christian for a bit and Edwin came shortly after. 

    At about 3 or so, we headed up to side-stage to catch Edwin's set (not without harrassment from the guards, however). The crowd and the band were extremely pumped and anxious to deliver the final performance on the tour, which was intensely potent. The set was started with "Theories" - an amazing choice in my books, and right away they were welcomed with appropriate recognition. 

    I must say, I was impressed by the energy level they displayed, especially in only 40 minutes. The band played assorted tracks off the new album including: Rush, Amazing, Alive (requested by a hopeful DJ), and of course the singles that everyone sang along to - Trippin', Hang Ten, And You, which he mocked the crowd with saying "This one's for you, and you, and you...!" As the set endured, they played an unreleased song called "Less Than Nothing"(which confused the fuck out of everyone, including me). It's this song that starts out as basic rock, but turns slightly punk-ish. I dug it! They ended with Shotgun and shut-up any doubters left in the audience. As to my knowledge, Ed's spot on Edgefest was accepted thoroughly and just as importantly, the band enjoyed doing it. It seems as though some "lost magic" has been recovered! 

    As for the latter of the day, I caught part of Matt Good's set w/ Edwin (note: his fave MGB song is "Apparitions") and saw part of Moist's set with GV. Of course, the climax had already been revealed, but it was also awesome to just sit back, play some video games, and make an ass of yourself for one of the Silverchair guys... I'll spare you the stories. - Katy

**Thanx to GV, Ed, Ruben, Chris x2, Kenny, & the rest of the escorts!  
(p.s. - I'm still kicking myself for not taking that offer on the Kelowna show...)