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Screaming Kings Tour '2000  
Festival - Hamilton, ON, Canada 
Saturday July 1st, 2000
Saturday July 1st, other wise know to us Canadians as CANADAY! (Happy birthday Canada) Anyway the concert was a free one, at gage park, and I just about did not make it. (It was the day after my prom) But in the long run I did.  We got there a little early, but only a few people had taken a seat.  We skipped the whole seat thing, and crashed in front of the stage, no complaints.  You see as we were just looking around we peered through the chain-linked fence we saw this really hot guy just chillin' you know.  It took us a good few minutes to clue into the fact that this spotted hottie, was indeed, our beloved Edwin.  He smiled and waved, but then a rush of pre-teens attacked the fence.  It gave a good clue to how the concert was going to be like.  As time passed and sound was checked, it was getting more and more crowded, mainly those of underage individuals, but some adults too, we are talking 40 plus!  The crowed, out of no were, came together in an ripping roar, that let me know the show was going to begin.  It was the usual order that came out at first, same as the CD, only half way through we got a flash back with One More Astronaut, and a view of tomorrow with a bran new "ditty", Less Than Nothing.  Edwin flirted with the crowed, and it flirted back, with requests or removal of clothing, and the removal of some of the crowds clothing. (Bras etc) The concert ended with a cover of Magic Carpet Ride.  The crowed really liked that touch.  They left the stage, and that was it. . .or was it. . no!  They encored with Shotgun.  Over all, preteens and all it was a great concert.  I am looking forward to seeing him next in Port Burwall July 29th-20th. (My birthday, maybe I'll get lucky and meet him!)

- Monique