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"Deep inside yourself is the only place that you will find peace and a comfortable, happy place."
Many years ago, lived a young man so interested in singing, he knew the words to every song on the radio.  He grew up in the rough streets of Jane and Finch in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where his childhood went wild.  Edwin worked a handful of various intriguing job positions before entering the music industry (including a job at McDonalds, bartending, and being a waiter at Chippendale's). 

With his experience of singing from before, he would get together with people and jam.  Around 1990, Edwin got together with a then unknown guitarist by the name of Jagori Tanna.  They jammed off and on and eventually lost contact for a short while.  Months later, they came back into contact and established I Mother Earth with Jagori's brother, Christian, who was most conviently enough, a drummer. 

During these 7 years with IME, Edwin built a strong following across North America & Europe.  His recordings during this time included Dig, and Scenery and Fish (w/IME).  During a show IME was opening for the legendary band Rush on the Dig tour, Alex Lifeson (Rush's guitarist), happened to catch IME's set.  He was so impressed that he asked Edwin if he would be up for tackling the duties of vocalist on Alex's upcoming solo album entitled "Victor".  Most obviously Edwin was astonished and accepted the offer with open arms.  Victor was recorded during the time that Scenery & Fish was being recorded, being that he'd record vocals /w IME in the day, and record Victor in the evening. 

Almost a year after the release of S&F, Edwin announced his departure from IME.  He says now, since it's behind him, it was the appropriate decision and he's happy with the way things turned out.  

For two years Edwin got together with various producers and songwriters such as Matt DeMatteo (who would produce ASATS), Ben Dunk and Jack Blades in Toronto, Vancouver and LA respectively.  As an experienced vocalist/songwriter, writing songs for his anticipated solo album "Another Spin Around The Sun"(originally to be called "Breathe") was fun, and a challenge all thrown into one.  Matt DeMatteo's "Presence Sound" Studio in Toronto is where Edwin decided to record ASATS at.  At this point, Toronto based band Glueleg separated ways and the members performed on the majority of ASATS, as well as Ruben Huizenga co-writing a few tunes.  Additionally, Kenny Cunningham, formerally the bassist of the Toronto based Reggae band Tabarruk, as well bassist for Canadian Solo artist Susan Aglugark, performed the tasks of playing bass on ASATS.  Additional musicians include : Blake Manning (drums), Chris Szczesniak (guitar), Andrew Charters (bass), Andy Wise (keyboards), and Daniel Mansilla (percussion) of I Mother Earth fame.  With the completion of ASATS, Edwin put together what would become his live band.  The members are : 

Ruben Huizenga - guitar, backing vocals 
Christian Simpson - drums 
Kenny Cunningham - bass 
Ron Bouchard - guitar, backing vocals 

Then April 27th, 1999 - 2 years and 6 days after his official departure, "Another Spin Around the Sun" is released across Canada and invited by live engagements by Edwin in key cities.  A little more than a year later on July 5th, 2000, ASATS was released in the U.S. on Columbia Records.  With 5 singles out (Trippin', Hang Ten, And You, Aliveand Rush), the CD is still glued to stereos all across the globe. 

"I'm of the belief that you can look forever for happiness externally and always be chasing it forever, but true happiness only comes from deep inside." ~EDWIN