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Screaming Kings Tour 2000, 2nd Spin  
Navan Fairgrounds - Navan, ON, Canada 
Saturday August 12th, 2000
What a show this was!  Edwin didn't hit the stage until 11:30pm and when he did that's when all the action started.  The crowd was very energetic.  Within just the first few songs things were flying on stage, and some idiot started throwing empty beer cans.  I think he got the message to stop once Edwin made it clear to him that if he didn't stop, Edwin would jump in the crowd and make him stop.  Then I noticed that there was a small group moshing on their own until a huge fight broke out and security jumped in to stop it, as well as a couple of other fights that kept happening throughout the show.  Then all of a sudden I see security chasing some guys out to the racetrack.  Edwin walked off the stage as so did the rest of the band due to the many fights happening, but Ruben was left still standing there looking a bit confused, and some people started to yell out Firefly.

Aside from all that I was still able to enjoy the show as so did everyone else attending the concert.  The crowd was totally into the show and everyone was singing along to all the songs.  The songs performed were Theories, And You, Less Than Nothing, Hang 10, Trippin', OMA, Rush, Alive, Screaming Kings, Levitate, and Magic Carpet Ride.

- Chelsea Rose