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In our audio section, we'll include anything from Edwin's catalouge of performances.  Everything we post, RealAudio & mp3's are all performed live.  As well, at the bottom of the page there are links to buy nearly all of Edwin's discography.  We encourage you to email us to report any broken links so we can fix it ASAP and see that it dosen't happen again, as well as a possible audio request you may have.  As well i'd like to note that on August 25/00, I'll have a T1 connection to the net, therefore expect a LOT more mp3s, with no glitches, and better quality.  Enjoy all, thanks, and check back frequently!

MP3's (Let the tripod page load then click on the filename to download)

Theories (Acoustic) LIVE at CFOX Vancouver, BC [3.29 MB]
Give It To Me LIVE " [2.98 MB]
Evil Ways (Live Sept 7/97)" [2.63 MB]

Edwin Solo

Less Than Nothing - (Edwin's First Show LIVE) [3:33]
Trippin' - (Edwin's First Show LIVE) [4:05]
Alive (Edwin's First Show LIVE) [6:04]
One More Astronaut (Edwin's First Show LIVE) [5:43]
Theories (Acoustic at CFOX Van, BC) [3:31]

I Mother Earth

No One (Live Germany '93) [7:04]
Wrong (Unreleased S&F Track) [5:36]
Pisser (Live Sept 7/97) [6:16]
Levitate (Acoustic)" [4:36]
So Gently We Go (Acoustic) [5:13]


I'm Afraid Of Americans (Live at Edgefest '98) [5:52]
Promise (Victor) [5:45]



Buy "Edwin - Another Spin Around The Sun" as well as some of his past projects online!

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