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Screaming Kings Tour '2000 w/j.englishman 
The Lyric - Kitchener, ON 
Saturday April 8th, 2000
     Standing outside on a cold April night, many Edwin fans were yelling to let them into the club. ME and my cousin were two of the many outside waiting.

     Once J.Englishman came out and played a couple songs, he asked us why we were here. Everyone responded Edwin. He told us we had to put up with his shit. After getting hit with a drumstick that the drummer threw(my cousin kept it) I wanted Edwin to get on stage.

     With the lights out, fog forming, four shadows standing on stage, "Theories" pumping out of the speakers, the final shadow Edwin hit the stage. When the band was done Edwin asked us how we were all doing. We all screamed.

     People were pushing everyone around, it got worse when the band started playing "And You". I was punched in the face, pushed around and ending up in the mosh pit. I showed all the guys a girl's got the guts to go into the pit.

     During "Hang Ten" many of the crazy fans brought the "Hang Ten" video back to life. Edwin told us after the song that us dancing brought back memories of making the video. The band played most of ASATS including Rush(a fave). During "Alive" there was pics of the earth, sun, moon, on the back drop and an amazing light show that grooved to the song.

     When Edwin and the band walked off, everyone was chanting his name, with a cool laser show spelling each letter of his name on the back drop. The band returned to play an encore and the place was still rocking. With the band playing the beginning to "One More Astronaut" all of the fans were psyched. With Edwin standing on a platform during the song, the lights were green and were shining out from behind him looked wicked.

     Being partially wasted i went a little insane. I kept yelling "Edwin you're hot" and once yelling "I want your sexy body". He smiled and said thanx for the comment. I ended throwing one of my t-shirts at him too.

     He asked us if we wanted "Another Drink"? Everyone cheered. He told us that it was for fun, not really supposed to be on the record(oh well), and they rarely preformed it. The band played a couple more songs. "I'm going to take you on a magic carpet ride"(his exact words). The classic Steppenwolf, Coors Light ski lodge commercial hit. That was the last song of a great show. Everyone headed off to coat check, the band came back out to take down. i hung out were i watched the show and Edwin the man came over to talk. I told him what I did through-out the show and he told me he was glad I enjoyed it. That was the best part of the night.

     One the way home(Brantford), my dad driving my cousin with me heard "Rasberry" on "Edge 102"(Toronto). The dj said that he hoped all of the EDwin fans enjoyed the show. I surely did(Edge 102 sponsored it)    - Katie Gamble

A really BIG Thanx to Edwin, the rest of the band, and the crew for making it an awesome show.