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"An Hour with Edwin" (ASATS world album premier) 
C-FOX Studios - Vancouver, BC 
Monday April 19th, 1999
    I remember it being a bleak, rainy day, which was the first day we got to hear Edwin since Edgefest '97, so it was still intriguing. 

    The interview was to begin at six, and so Bree and I left at about 4:30 to make it downtown by 5:30, which surprisingly enough, happened quite smoothly. We arrived at the station and were led down a hallway to the tiniest studio I've seen in my life. They had Ruben, Christian, Chris and Edwin crammed into this room with a DJ and all their instruments, so Bree and I stood outside the window with the other employees and watched from there.  

    At 6 o'clock sharp, the "on-air" light came on and the interview commenced. Aside from the nervous, rushed producers, the night was going exceptionally well. Inquiring fans with questions were finding their answers, and the whole of BC was being introduced to Edwin. 

    Well into the interview, a producer pushed me into the already crammed room and Edwin was right there to greet me. We chatted for awhile during the commercial break. Somehow, he had found out about a certain tattoo I had gotten done and pursued to see it, (and was quite flattered, might I add...) 

    Once the commercials finished, I asked a question over the air about the new album title and was able to stay in the studio for some time after that. I remember something about David Lee Roth being put into the conversation... (*Van Halen rawks!*) and then the band broke into an acoustic version of "Theories". Again I say, the first time hearing him since EF'97 = exciting. During the performance I was so tense, I had no clue what it all was going to sound like, but was blown away none the less. Just listen to the audio clips and hear for yourself.  

    In amongst the rest of the questions and recorded tracks off the album, the band played "And You" - also acoustic. Their energy level was beyond me - everyone ended up dancing right there in the hallway! Right after we talked a bit to the band and they seemed to be really pumped for Edgefest, which is a whole other story...                                     -Katy 

**Thanks to CFOX studios in Vancouver - (Esp. Jeff O'Niel, Shelly Frasier, Bill Courage, May Lam)