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Telus World Ski and Snowboard Fest. 
Base of Whistler Mtn - Whistler, BC 
Saturday April 15th, 2000
     I have never seen bigger snowflakes in my life. Basically, to sum things up about Whistler, it's like this fairytale village that's run by pedestrians! We (Jean, Alyson and I) had never been there before so this was quite the adventure, if you will. We arrived pretty early in relation to the show, so we took in the sites and felt around for what the place was like. We asked a snowboarder for directions to the stage and, well, we felt out of place (wearing street clothes and all…). Anyways, we searched until we found the Gondola and the stage was right there, as the friendly snowboarder had pointed out. We were pretty thankful to see Ron when we did because no one else we knew was around, and we all got a coffee to warm ourselves up from the winter weather (the lower mainland doesn't usually have "winter"… unfortunate).

    By the time showtime came around, there was a crowd forming for Templar's set. Templar are a local band who I believe just signed with EMI, and they were pretty good. They played their single "Need" that's played often on CFOX, and ended with a "Millenium" version of "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zepellin… pretty impressive. There were a couple of hard-cores' from Vancouver around to catch the band's set and there were spectators videotaping the set from every angle. Right after they finished the above mentioned cover, there was a little ceremony for some snowboarders/skiers that won money for their selected profession… some guy from Sweden, one from the States… yadda yadda yadda.

    At approximately 4:30pm Edwin hit the stage, minus the fancy lazer/light show and between-song interludes. All that is great and everything, but the show is also very cool raw. It was again opened with "Theories" and I was lucky enough to stand next to a woman who was completely wasted the entire time. I usually only get hit numerous times for a reason, heh. We enjoyed the show from front-row center, and I do believe it was one of my favourite shows in the bunch. See the Commodore review for the track listing up until the encore, they played all the same, great songs! I don't really have much to review for the fact that there wasn't too much crowd interaction, most people where wearing bindings and what-not so they stayed near the back. My only regret is missing that great part at the end of "Better Than This" where Edwin croons, the lady beside me decided to cover it up by screaming. Damn. Let's see here, no encore for this show because as Edwin put it, this wasn't an "encore crowd". True enough, still it rocked, especially with the guys behind me screaming for "Levitate" as much as I was! (And they knew the words, too!)

    It may not seem like it by the review, but Whistler was definitely worth the trip. The whole vibe of the place made it amazing enough and seeing the guys perform again just put the "icing on the cake," sorry for the dull cliché!

Thanks again guys!