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Sunday April 29th 

04.29.01 |23:50 news
What Is Up - by Kyle 
Hey everyone!  Well you didn't have to wait very long to find out what's actually going on.  I spoke with the band yesterday and the major news is as follows. 

The band has been demoing for a good couple months now.  Lots of songs are demoed and are being sorted through and worked out.  In the next couple weeks the band plans on heading into a rehearsal studio and jamming out the songs, figuring out what is being kept and cut, and just generally practicing hard.  The boys plan on hitting an as of yet unknown studio in the month of July.  The album is offically due August, I'll get back to you all on the exact date.  Touring would commence possibly late August, for sure September.  Also rumour has it there might be a possibility of a few showcase shows in Toronto in the month of July.  Keep your fingers crossed.  That's all for now, stay tuned and take care everyone.

Friday April 27th 

04.27.01 |14:20 news
One Month! - by Kyle 
Hey guys!  Hopefully you've all had enough time to pick up Earth, Sky & Everything in Between by now.  Anyway, sorry for the lack of update, but for once and I mean trust me on this one, I have as much idea as to what's going on with Edwin and the guys right now as you all do.  For that matter if you have anything to update, drop me a line.  I plan on speaking with the guys in the next few days.  There was a slight communication hold-back.  So hopefully in the next few days I'll be filling ya'll in on what's new, currently happening and such.  Also I should have hardcore plans for travelling up there and doing tons of updates from the studio when there ARE things to report on.  Also if you check the bio section, you'll see Ron's bio is now there.  Check it out.  Hope this holds all you guys over, until then, take care!

Tuesday March 27th 

03.27.01 |13:40 news
Earth, Sky and Everything in Between - by Kyle 
Hello everyone!  Just thought I'd post an update that as we anxiously await Edwin's new album, I suggest you all go pick up a copy of "I Mother Earth - Earth, Sky and Everything in Between" at your nearest record store.  It's a compilation of unreleased and live material of the band during its time with Edwin.  The album just came out today, so show your support of Edwin by going and picking it up and check out some of Edwin's best vocal performances to date.  Click here for more info on the album.  Later everyone!

Saturday March 24th 

03.24.01 |13:40 news
Site Downtime - by Kyle 
Hello again everyone!  We're back in the run of things.  To be honest what actually happened is our lovely provider tripod just one day out of the blue decided to delete the site and say that I violated the terms of operations or some garbage.  I emailed them and close to two-three weeks later they respond with this :

"The Tripod team has been working very hard recently to eliminate abuse throughout the sites.  It seems your account was removed due to an error in one of our automated abuse checking scripts, which has since been fixed.  Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused you.  Your site has been restored.  Thank You."

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, just thought I'd point out that Edwin and Ron are most definetly in the studio recording their ideas and brainstorming.  We'll let you know when some solid news develops.  Until then as well I'd like to mention there are a lot of site updates which will be implimented throughout the week.  So stay tuned and very best!

Monday February 26th 

02.26.01 |4:39 news
Site Changes - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  Hope you're all liking the new look of the site.  Pretty much all areas of the site are either revamped or in the process.  Special thanks to Katy Jackson for her contributions to the site during this overhaul process.  Lots of stuff coming in the next week or so, more bio info, mp3's, pics and reviews.  And I suggest for now everyone should click HERE for some wicked news.  Thanks everyone!

Thursday February 22th 

02.22.01 |18:49 news
Huge News - by Kyle 
Well... I'm not sure how to start this.  Huge news!  March 27, 2001 - I Mother Earth - "Earth, Sky & Everything Between".  This is being released on EMI records and it's a CD that will feature unreleased I Mother Earth studio tracks from 1993-1996 as well as 7 live tracks, all featuring our favorite vocalist Edwin performing his duties.  For more info on this release, click HERE.  Thanks everyone!

Saturday, February 17th 

02.17.01 |1:59 news
New Design - by Kyle 
We're alive.  Yes hard to believe, but very much so.  Hope you all like the new design of the site.  From now on, the site is being done by Ron Bechard (everyone's favorite guitarist) and myself.  Expect a overhaul of every section of the site in the next couple weeks.  Lots of wicked pictures on the way as well.  Also, Edwin and the guys are hitting the studio on the first of next month.  We'll keep you posted.  Thanks everyone!

Thursday, February 1st 

02.01.01 |16:27 news
Quick Update - by Kyle 
Hey everyone.  Little bit of news for ya'll for being so patient.  Edwin and the boys have a lot of songs written thus far, and Sony is really liking some of them.  Sony has a deadline for the album to be out by late spring.  Any normal recording session would take much longer, but the record label wants the album out ASAP, so it's looking like the spring is the time to look forward to.  In a little bit of unconfirmed news (as I did report a while ago), it is believed Edwin is working with Jeff Martin of Tea Party on some writing ideas and whatnot.  Hopefully we'll have some sort of confirmation of that sometime soon.  The site (like I have mentioned several times) is being overhauled.  It's being over-seen as we speak and hopefully it'll happen sooner than later.  Lots of content waiting for that to happen.  Until then, stay patient and keep checking back everyone!

Wednesday, January 17th 

01.17.01 |4:01 news
Update - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  Sorry for the lack of updates, but not much is up.  If you'd missed the Edwin performance on Muchmusic, he performed "And You" and "Alive" to all of Canada.  We'll have the mp3's of it posted here soon.  As far as news with the band goes, they just took a little break, and they're getting all their plans together as far as what studio to head into, what songs to use, etc.  I'm going to be heading up to Toronto in the next couple months to chill with the boys during the recording sessions of the new album.  We'll have whordes of pictures, behind the scenes info, possibly videos, and much more.  Speaking of pictures, I still have 10 packages of developed pictures behind me right now, but no scanner.  Hopefully things will pull through sooner than later.  I'll keep you all posted, later everyone!

Saturday, December 30th 

12.30.00 |12:35 news
Tune into Muchmusic 11:30PM Eastern (Toronto) time to catch, EDWIN LIVE at Nathan Phillips Square!  Ring in your new year the ONLY way, by watching Edwin perform!  Keep in mind, this will most likely be Edwin's last performace until a good while!  So cherish the moment, and the whole band... well, as a whole!  That's all for now, and remember you heard it first HERE at Edwin Alive!

Monday, December 25th 

12.25.00 |3:48 news
Merry Christmas! - by Kyle 
Hey everyone!  On behalf of Edwin and the band, all the Crew and Management, and of course Edwin Alive - Through The Void; I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!  Lots in store in the new year... count the days my friends.  Speaking of new years, check the tour section.  Take care!

Friday, December 15th 

12.15.00 |4:15 news
Merry X-mas - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  Good to see you all posting in good cheer on the message forum.  Foremost, I'd like to apologize for the audio section, the lack of keeping it, shall we say.. updated.  From now on, the audio section is fully functional.  As of today, There will be 5 new mp3's posted up in the audio section, and weekly those will be taken down and replaced with new ones.  I hope you all take advantage of the mp3's as it takes a lot of time and I know you're all die hard Ed fans.  Kind of a X-mas gift from me to you, now go and download those mp3's and give me feedback on them, spread the wealth.  I'm sure a lot of you will be pleased with this weeks' selection.  Like I said, get them while they're there!  Later everyone!

Sunday, December 10th 

12.10.00 |1:51 news
Winners - by Kyle 
Seasons Greetings all.  Congrats go out to Chris Ross of Moncton, New Brunswick and Adam Swanson of Hauppauge, NY, USA for winning the trivia for the signed chart magazines.  The magazines are on the way boys, good work.  The question was : "How many videos has Edwin appeared in"?  The answer is 14.  That's all for now everyone, and here's the list of videos (in no specific order):

I Mother Earth - Rain Will Fall
I Mother Earth - Not Quite Sonic
I Mother Earth - So Gently We Go
I Mother Earth - Levitate
Victor - Promise
I Mother Earth - One More Astronaut
I Mother Earth - Another Sunday
I Mother Earth - Used To Be Alright
I Mother Earth - Raspberry
Edwin - Trippin'
Edwin - Hang Ten
Edwin - And You
Edwin - Alive
Edwin - Rush
= 14

Thursday, December 7th 

12.07.00 |15:51 news
Update - by Kyle 
Hey everyone.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  But to be perfectly honest, there is little or nothing to report on.  The guys got back from Mexico, and aside from that they're writing for the new album.  The whole band is putting their bit in on the new album, and it should be great to say the least.  I plan on speaking with the band in the next couple weeks to find out info on the Mexico show, and trip and how it all went. Hopefully we'll have that soon.  As far as the new pictures go (east coast pictures), I got a scanner, found out it was USB not LPT, had to pry off some of my case on the back, hooked er up, installed the software, and the software crashes everytime I run it.  I've tried to get new software, but my conclusion is, Hewlett Packard is sh*t.  Guess we'll be waiting till my brother brings his beauty home from University appx. X-mas time.  Sorry to keep ya'll waiting but it'll be worth it in the long run, and hey, its X-mas time.  Merry X-Mas Everyone!

Tuesday, November 21st 

11.21.00 |7:18 news
More Pictures - by Kyle 
Hey everyone.  Check the pictures section, as I have updated it.  Sorry for the delay, but I hope you all like them.  Thanks to Chelsea Rose and Faye Lynn for these ones.  Next up, East Coast photos.  As you can see it's 7:19am, and I haven't slept yet.  But I was kinda feeling guilty not getting these up sooner, so hopefully I can get the next bunch up by next weekend.  Thanks so much to everyone checking the site all the time.  As well, this site will be overhauled in the next couple months.  Ron and I are designing a new one as we speak, so stay tuned for more info.  Ciao!

Sunday, November 12th 

11.12.00 |3:37 news
Pictures - by Kyle 
Hey everyone.  Thanks for checking the site, hope everyone is doing well.  I have every picture developed from the East Coast tour.  I finally got my scanner and then realized that I have the wrong cable, I need a USB not a Parallel, so hopefully I'll have it rocking on Monday and we'll have tons of pics.  Until then, yet again, here are some new pics.  Not actually new, but new to the site.  They're from the I Mother Earth era, go check them out in the pics section, lovely, many more to come in the next week guaranteed.  As well I'll be putting some more mp3's up, including Less Than Nothing LIVE up in the next week.  So stay tuned for all that and more.  Thanks everyone, take care.

Sunday, November 5th 

11.05.00 |20:47 news
News - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  Sorry for the lack of updates but there isn't much to report on.  First of all, go here and vote for Edwin for where he's nominated.  (Despite how much Chart SUCKS, go here and vote and lets rub it back in their faces).  On another front; I'm waiting on my brother to bring the scanner back, in which at that point I can put all of the pictures up from the East Coast shows.  I'm planning on that being this coming weekened, so keep your fingers crossed.  Also I have a ton of reviews on the way, be patient.  And finally, Edwin is playing an acoustic performance on the beach somewhere in Mexico on November 30th.  Between now and then, the boys are getting together and writing to get some hardcore material down.  A little bird told me the new album is expected to be quite heavier than ASATS.  All I have to say is, ROCK ON.  Take care everyone!

Wednesday, October 25th 

10.25.00 |15:29 news
Good Stuff - by Kyle 
Hey everyone, just a quick note that I got half of my pics back, and they turned out phenominal.  The trivia answers are posted here and the link on top of the screen.  As well I suggest to read that for your chance to win some cool Edwin stuff.  As far as the pics go, I'll try to have them up by week end.  In the meantime, check out the new pics I added to hold you all off.  These pics were taken with the bands' permission in Abbotsford on August 30th, 2000 by some generic photographer. (which was ironically enough on my birthday)  Take care everyone.

Tuesday, October 24th 

10.24.00 |2:36 news
Keeping with the currents - by Kyle 
Hello loyal fans of Edwin the great and company.  Check out the links section for a few new cool links.  Also I'm picking up 6 of my 12 rolls of film tommorow.  Then it'll just be a matter of scanning them.  I also have a bunch of pics submitted by Chelsea Rose taken around the Ottawa area, which even include some pics of I Mother Earth's last show with Edwin (they're shooting themselves now, and apparently thier vocal chords), which was in Montreal.  As well this week I'll have some more mp3's up.  If there is any problem with downloading the mp3's in the audio section, please email me about it.  Also I suggest you download the I Mother Earth song entitled Wrong, which is one of Edwin's best performances (in many opinions, and his own) throughout his career.  It's an unreleased track from the Scenery & Fish sessions, and was cut from the album so they could fit the interactive portion onto the CD.  Enjoy all, and keep checking back.  Thank you all for your continued support, and take care.

Thursday, October 19th 

10.19.00 |14:59 news
The Tour, Part 3 - by Kyle 
Hey guys!  Hope everyone's doing as well as I.  The shows were all awesome and the whole tour was received very well by the fans, also Templar broke some ground with their stunning performances.  Moncton was the best show in general for both bands, but like I said the whole leg was phenominal.  When I get some money, I have literally 12 rolls of film to develop.  That includes some Templar pics, behind the scenes shots, and live shots of Ed & the boys.  As well, we'll possibly soon have some streaming video of a couple songs from different shows of the tour, and that Magic Carpet Ride in MP3 that I promised as well.  Anyway, that's all for now, take care everyone.

Sunday, October 15th 

10.15.00 |17:55 news
The Tour, Part 2 - by Kyle 
Sunday.  Always hard to... haha just kidding.  I am back from basically half of the eastern tour, resting up today for the rest of the shows.  The Wolfville, Antigonish and Halifax shows went great.  Wolfville was pretty full, great sound, normal setlist and loud fans.  Antigonish had a slightly smaller crowd because of Monday being Midterms for them.  The fans were very into the show as well.  A few interesting things happened at this show.  First and foremost, Ed & the boys added the song "Amazing" back into the setlist.  The catch is, its the new and improved version of Amazing, what we call, Amazing (Dark Version).  The guitars in the song are very almost Nine Inch Nails ish, and its gone over very very well.  As well some jerk in the crowd thought he'd be cool and during the whole performance of One More Astronaut gave Edwin the finger.  At the end of the song Edwin more or less (edited) told him to get his a** up on stage and tell him to his face what he has to say, because he'd be the perfect candidate for a beating.  It's too bad every show has to have some kind of a jerk to try to ruin it for everyone.  The disturbance was basically put in his place and kicked out by our Production Manager friend.  Aside from that the show went well.  Halifax was insanity.  1400 college students, going out of their minds.  Huge crowd response, insanity at its best, and by far the best show of the tour.  A similar incident occured (as in the Antigonish show) when a fan proceeded to pelt Edwin with a quarter.  Aside from that guy, 1399 people went home in awe.  Amazing (Dark Version) is now a part of the normal setlist and everyone in the crew and band is having a great time.  Well, I guess that's all for now, check back Tuesday for another update.  Take care everyone.

Monday, October 9th 

10.09.00 |2:32 news - by Kyle 
Hello again! is now functional!  Lovin' every minute of it.  The audio section has expanded, lots of more live Edwin related stuff in there, go get the mp3s while you can!  Also thought I'd let you all know that I'm heading out to the Edwin shows, hope to have lots of new sh*t for you guys on the site.  As well I just wanted to inform you all that I now have an FTP site, so there'll be gigs upon gigs of Edwin related LIVE mp3's after the eastern leg.  Well I'm off, take care and post in the message forum for gods sake! 

P.S.. Check out this pic and this one of my brother holding up the actual Shortcut To Moncton sign located in between Fredericton and Moncton (in which the song is named after.  The sign fell down and we picked it up and got pics before the city workers most likely took it and killed it, as it's a pretty old sign).  For all of you unaware people, Shortcut to Moncton is track number 7 on I Mother Earth - Scenery & Fish, which is one of Edwin's best performances ever (I'll get the mp3 up). 

Thursday, October 4th 

10.04.00 |3:26 news
Updates - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  New tour date in the tour section.  I am going to all of the shows east of Montreal, so expect pics, new rare audio, reviews and lots.  As well the plan is that Edwin will quite possibly be performing a new song from his upcoming album during the Eastern Canada shows.  The song was co-written with Jack Blades (And You) and is definetly a rocker.  Also official word says that Edwin will be co-writing with some interesting songwriters for the new album, including Tom McKay from Joydrop.  As well rumor says possible producers include Jeff Martin.  Very high prospect, but time will tell.  Until after the Eastern leg of the tour, take care all!

Thursday, September 21th 

09.21.00 |14:36 news
Tour Date Update - by Kyle 
Guess what?  New tour dates in the tour section.  These are only a few of them, more are on the way.  Cheers all!

Tuesday, September 19th 

09.19.00 |1:22 news
MP3's - by Kyle 
Hello all.  Got a couple new mp3's for ya in the audio section.  Go and download them while they're there!

Monday, September 11th 

09.11.00 |21:01 news
Updates - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  Hope you're all doing well.  Just got word, Edwin East Coast tour dates, 2nd - 3rd week of October.  Which as well probably means Ontario/Quebec dates in between now and then.  Fear not, I'll keep you posted.  As well thanks to (the man himself) Edwin and some kick ass fans across the country, we have lots of new pics on the way.  Getting rid of our old crappy ones, moving on to professionality my friends, get ready to rock.  Until then, look for more audio, as well as the signed Chart Magazines (signed by Ed /w him on cover) being given out in the next few weeks.  I suggest everyone to keep checking back for your chance to win one of those, and a couple Edwin stickers to kick as well.  Until then, take care everyone!

Tuesday, September 5th 

09.05.00 |4:20 news
Landmark - by Kyle 
Hello all.  It just dawned on me this evening that Edwin Alive - Through The Void, is nearing the 100,000 hits mark.  My page has been going strong since February because of great people like yourselves being interested on the Edwin front.  I'd just like to formally thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive since day one.  On top of it all, the site wouldn't be anything without you guys.  So keep checking back, especially for more pics from the current tour, being submitted by the man himself.  That's all for now everyone, thanks so much, and have a great week.

* Any west coasters, keep your eye open and your guard high for people 'posing' as official west coast photographers affiliated with Edwin.  On the other hand, if you would like to be one, feel free to email me and we'll hook something up.  Take care.

Friday, September 1th 

09.01.00 |1:55 news
Pictures - by Kyle 
Hello everyone!  I'm not sure if any of you were at the Kelowna show or not, but those of you who were would know this already.  At one point in the show, Edwin mentioned to the crowd, "I hope you all have cameras, because I have this website Edwin Alive that really needs pictures...".  Very cool, personal thanks to Edwin for the plug, as well for the picture bit.  Can't wait for the pics.  All of the pictures in our pics section will be taken down very shortly as a result of a certain person who can have their useless pictures.  The whole Edwin camp as well as a few affiliates I have with the site are working very hard to take pictures for the site.  If there are any people on the West Coast of Canada (or anywhere else) who would like to take pictures for the site, feel free to drop me a line.  That's all for now guys, take care, and lots of new stuff on the way.

Monday, August 28th 

08.28.00 |12:14 news
Audio - by Kyle 
My crazy fast internet is paying off for us all.  Check the audio section now.  Lots of mp3's with many more to come, keep in mind that was all in one shot, so lots coming definetly.  As well I just realized the mp3 of Theories (Acoustic) was all screwed up, and its all good now.  Go download 'em now, some of the best Edwin performances available are there.  That's all for now everyone, take care.

* Keep in mind, the downloads portion of tripod is being really moody, and is at times not working.  Therefore if you try to download a song and it just keeps loading and loading but not prompting to save to disk, try again later.  Thanks everyone.

Monday, August 21st 

08.21.00 |12:28 news
Tour Updates - by Kyle 
Everyone take a look in the tour section, as there are new dates confirmed.  If you haven't entered already, enter our contest if Edwin is playing in your city for your chance to win 2 free tickets and meet and greet with Ed & the boys.  Don't miss out.  As mentioned earlier, the Kelowna, Langley, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Regina shows are closed for entries.  The respective winners have all been notified.  In other updates, there is a new review in the reviews section.  As well I just realized that next to none of the realaudio tunes in the audio section were functioning.  That's now history, they're working great now.  Keep your eyes open for many more mp3s in the next coming week.  Stay tuned for lots!

Friday, August 18th 

08.18.00 |00:49 news
VOTE & Small Update - by Kyle 
Hello all.  I'm back from my trip, I'm still in awe, I'll elaborate someday.  There is a new Tour Date, as well go and VOTE for Edwin to win the Muchmusic People's Choice Award for favorite artist.  Keep rockin!

Monday, August 14th 

08.14.00 |14:11 news
Rush & Muchmusic - by Kyle 
Hey kids!  Keep your head glued to Muchmusic tommorow (Tuesday Aug. 14) all day, as the brand new video for Rush should be premiering.  Also, on Thursday September 21, 2000 Live @ 8pm ET, the annual Muchmusic Video Awards will take place.  Edwin is up for the following awards :

Best Video
Best Rock Video
Best Director
Best Post-Production
Best Cinematography
People's Choice: Favourite Canadian Artist

The People's Choice award is chosen by you, the consumer/fan.  Go and vote for Edwin here NOW to show your support.  As well, the time has come folks.  As of tommorow afternoon, I'm off to Summersault in Halifax, NS until Thursday evening.  Hopefully I'll have some more tour dates, and/or updates on that front.  Until then, take care and have a good week!

* Feel free to drop me an email and let me know how the Rush video is (as I'll obviously miss it).

Friday, August 11th 

08.11.00 |2:08 news
The Princeofpound - by Kyle 
I just thought I'd let you all know, that Christian Simpson (most obviously Edwin's drummer), is filling in for Moist's drummer Paul for their show next week in Montreal.  Apparently Paul has hurt his back and is sitting out a few shows.  Lay the smackdown Chris!

Wednesday, August 9th 

08.09.00 |19:22 news
1st group of contest winners - by Kyle 
Hello everyone.  The winners for the Kelowna, Langley, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon shows have been notified, therefore, the contest for those selected shows are closed, but if you live in one of the other cities that isn't filled yet, be sure to submit your contest entry (if you haven't already) as those shows will be closing soon as well.  For those of you interested in the Lethbridge and Regina shows, we're not sure if those are happening, so those dates are on hold.  Make sure you keep checking the tour dates section to see when an Edwin show is announed in your city, which at that point you can enter the contest for free tickets in your city.  As well, after all of the Edwin dates are filled, we will choose 2 contestents to win a signed Chart magazine by Edwin himself, care of Edwin Alive - Through The Void.  Stay tuned for lots more! 

Tuesday, August 1st 

08.01.00 |1:32 news
Big Updates - by Kyle 
Everyone look UP and click on the Enter Contest up above.  Keep checking the tour dates section to find out when Edwin's playing in your city.  Have fun!

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