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March 27, 2001
EMI Music Canada
(see track list below)

Official Promotional Release Sheet :

- While signed to EMI Music Canada, I Mother Earth released two monster albums "Dig" & "Scenery & Fish".  During that time I Mother Earth recorded several tracks that have never been commerically released in Canada.  "Earth Sky & Everything Between" brings all these rare tracks together for the first time.

- Tracks 1 & 2 were originally available on the "So Gently We Go" promotional single.

- "Love From Revolution" & "Subterranean Wonderland" were recorded during the "Dig" sessions.  "Wrong" was originally recorded for Scenery & Fish, but cut due to album length.  All 3 tracks were were released in various countries, on promotional singles and EP's and were used as bonus tracks on I Mother Earth albums.

- Tracks 6-12 were recorded live at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver for a Sound Source Radio special.

Marketing & Promotion

- I Mother Earth fan sites and like music sites, web chat groups & (check the new releases section for March 24th) will be spreading the news about this forthcoming release for 6 weeks before its release

- Full radio and press servicing

- Expect radio features and regular play on key tracks

I Mother Earth is :

Edwin - Vocals
Jag - Guitars
Christian - Drums
Bruce - Bass
Daniel - Percussion

Tracklisting -

1. Levitate (Acoustic Version) 4:36
2. So Gently We Go (Acoustic Version) 5:10
3. Subterranean Wonderland 8:06
4. Love From Revolution 5:29
5. Wrong 5:32
6. Like A Girl (Live) 4:53
7. Used To Be Alright (Live) 5:25
8. Pisser (Live) 5:26
9. Another Sunday (Live) 4:40
10. One More Astronaut (Live) 6:08
11. Earth, Sky & C (Live /w percussion intro) 9:25
12. Levitate (Live) 5:33

I Mother Earth
"Earth Sky & Everything Between"
EMI Music Canada
E211 32326  $19.99

Everything here was copied directly from the EMI Week 4 release sheet no. 03.38.01 (this is not a date)
This release sheet was distributed to music retailers across Canada on February 22, 2001

My Two Cents :

My guess is that EMI are releasing this without the bands' actual permission (as EMI do own the rights to do all this).  As we all know, I Mother Earth have a new vocalist and Edwin is no longer part of IME as he's exploring a solo career.  Thus "I can't imagine" (personal guess) the current members of I Mother Earth would be happy that EMI they're releasing a cd with live material featuring Edwin on vocals, as apposed to their new vocalist Brian.  I had heard that IME were planning to release a LIVE cd featuring their current lineup, but hey, cheers.  I'm ecstatic.

- b a c k -